Together Better

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Nalkip gives the rewards that you really want,
a modern prepay system and nanocredits!

You spend money,
You get money. 💰

Real rewards

Tired of rewards that nobody wants? Get only the the products and rewards that YOU WANT and money back for every transaction

Pay like a boss

Pay faster, just using your phone. Don't expose your credit card and no need to have cash

You need money?
You have money!

Out of money in Nalkip? No worries, get nano credits: No hidden costs, no spread, no ties, just use them and pay them later


Get the most fancy rewards and payment tool

nalkip provides a powerful yet simple to use tool to create effective reward campaigns based on a prepay + nanocredits system for small businesses

and for the stores...

Know exactly how your business is performing

Get meaningful insights about your business health and advanced analytics to take actions for the future. With a Freemium model, you get basic features at no cost, with the option to pay for more advanced options.

💳 ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 😍


See the future

Prepare for possible events, take preventive measures and know your future clients


Enchant your clients

Take your customer’s loyalty seriously! They are the heart of your business!

Lend them Nanocredits!

Take adventage of knowing the best paying people with nanocredits!